I've collected early books on astronomy for about 15 years now and I'm still as fascinated by the imagination and craftmanship that pre 1910 publishing houses put into their titles!

You won't find any of the heavy theorethical works here, I focus on the field of Popular Astronomy with emphasis on the well illustrated works.

As you will see I'm also a sucker for those Victorian decorated bindnings!

I've divided my books into several categories in an effort to make the list more useful for other collectors. I've also included some fictional works under some departements - I think that they belong there since they truly share The Sense Of Wonder that the Victorian Popular Astronomy field is so much about!

Under the Stereoview section youll find a lot of astronomy related stereoviews!

Dont miss the Reference Litterature list at the end of this page!
The Sun And Its Planets 1882.
They dont do books like this anymore!.
The Heavens And Their Story 1908
Heres another beauty!
Sun, Moon And Stars 1884
Yet another great binding!
The Heavens 1881
Guillemin´s masterpiece.
The Wonders Of The Heavens 1890 1884
Two charming little volumes!
The Wonders Of Modern Astronomy 1914
Astrography, Or The Heavens Displayed 1810
A unusally nice little volume!
Astronomischer Bilderatlas1860.
12 Transparant plates!
Bilderatlas Der Sternwelt 1892.
A fantastic german astronomical atlas.
The Heavens Illustrated In a Series of Plates....London 1844.
A fantastic celestial atlas.
A Handbook and Atlas of Astronomy. W Peck. London 1890
A large astronomical atlas.
J Middletons Celestial Atlas 1840
Very scarse celestial atlas.
Alexander Jamisons Celestial Atlas 1844
One of the most beatifull ever made!
The Wonders Of The Heavens Displayed 1821
A fantastic display!
The Beauty Of The Heavens 1849
104 coloured plates!
Observational Astronomy And Companion to The Telescope 1862.
A charming companion at the eyepiece!
Wonders Of The Telescope 1809.
Illustrated with 14 large folding engravings!
Half Hours With The Telescope 1881.
A very popular title on telescopic work.
Celestial Objects For Common Telescopes 1917
The amateurs bible!
Telescopic Work For Starlight Evenings 1891
A very scarse title.
Trough The Telscope 1906
Quite hard to find nowadays.
The Telescope 1879.
Went trough many editions.
Astronomers And Their Observations 1890.
A charming study.
La Planeté Mars.1892 - 1909.
Camille Flammarions monumental work on Mars.
Mars 1896.
Lowells first amazing work on Mars.
Mars And Its Canals 1906.
Lowells second amazing work on Mars.
Mars As The Abode Of Life 1909
Lowells third work on Mars.
Mars And Its Mysteries 1906
The debate continues!.
A Trip To Mars 1909.
Lets meet the Martians!.
To Mars Via The Moon 1911.
What a trip!.
Atlas des Mondes. 1895
By Phil Fauth
Time And Tide 1892
One of Sir Robert Balls great titles.
Moon Lore 1885.
A very interesting work on moon worship, etc.
Photograph of The Moon 1899
Taken at Smith Observatory.
The Moon, Considered As A Planet....1874
Nasmyth & Carpenters classical work.
The Moon 1895.
A famous atlas!.
The Romance Of The Moon 1928.
Mary Proctor´s popular work.
From The Earth To The Moon 1875.
Jules Verne´s classical novel.
The Moon Voyage 1912.
A later edition of the above.
Four Weeks On The Moon 1889.
One of A Laurie´s great novels.
The Comet Of 1556 1857
The danger of comets!
The World of Comets 1877
A beautiful book on comets.
Hector Servadac Or The Cereer Of A Comet 1878.
Also a way to travel!.
Galileo Galilei And The Roman Curia 1879
A standard work.
Galileo Galilei And The Roman Curia 1879
A standard work.
Stonhenge And Other British Stone Monuments 1906
A classical text on Stonhenge.
Galileo And The Inquisition 1863
Another interesting title on Galileo.
History Of The Heavens 1748
Pluche´s interesting work.
The Story Of Galileo 1889
A more popular approach.
The Dawn Of Astronomy 1894
Norman Lockyer´s interesting work.
A french astronomical game 1890..
By Camille Flammarion!
A German 18th C Transparent Star Chart.
A scarce and very early example of this unusal form.
Photograph of Sir Robert Ball 1890.
One of the major author´s of early popular astronomy books.
Microphotographs with astronomical motives 1850
The universe in the Microscope!
A Voyage In Space. 1874.
A rare astronomy related game.
Geological Diagrams London 1844
A charming set of handcoloured plates, etc.
Astronomical Diagrams. Reynolds. London 1844
A set of 12 handcolored plates in clothfolder. Plates are partly transparent.
Astronomical Mechanical Magic Lantern Slides
A complete set of 9 mechanical slides in wooden storage box.
Steroscopic Images of the Moon. R&J Beck1859-1863.
Set of five stereos of the Moon from the negatives of Warren de la Rue.
Astronomical Atlases, Maps and Charts.
An Historical and General Guide.
Basil Brown. Search Pulishing Company. 1932.
Bibliography Of Astronomers
The Spirit of the 19th Century
Paul Luther. 1989
Astronomy Trough The Telescope
The 500-year History of the Inventors, Instruments and Discoveries.
Richard Learner. Evans Brothers Ltd. 1981.
Celestial Charts
Carole Stott. Studio Editions 1991.
Halleys Comet. Memories of 1910.
Roberta Etter & Stuart Schneider. Abbeville Press. 1985
Maps Of The Heavens
G S. Snyder. A Deutsch Ltd. 1984