Listed here are links to museums, websites and other sources of interest related to planetaria, globes, optical toys, etc.

New links are added when I find them!

If you have ideas of other useful links,
please mail me and I will ad them to the list!

Stockholms Observatory Museum
Nice museum of Astronomical Instruments.
Tidö Slott
Great Museum of Antique Toys.
The Vasa Museum
A must when visiting Stockholm!
Osby Museum of Photography
Nice visit!
Kulturen Lund Historical Museum
Major Cultural Museum.

Kulturen Museum. English Papier Maché Steroscope 1851.
The Andre Balloon Expedition Museum In Gränna
Unique Museum.
Sparreholms Slott
Museum of old tehcnica, jukeboxes, old automobiles, and more!
The Royal Swedish Library
See The Devils Bible!

The Devils Bible. On Permanent Display at The Royal Swedish Library.
A unique Swedish 17th C Castle, with a fantastic 17th C library, globes, etc.

Skokloster Library - By apointment only.
UK based Globerestoration Firm
Galerie J. Kugels Fantastic Exhibition of Early Planetaria
Dorotheum - A Major European auction house in Planetaria and other antiques.
George Glazer - US Dealer in globes and planetaria
The Gemmary - US Dealer in globes and planetaria, and more.
Wissenshaftliches Kabinett - European dealer in scientic instruments.
Trevor Philip & Son Major UK dealer in globes and planetaria
Iris Globes - Amsterdam based on line dealer in globes and planetaria.
Gaia Globes - Globes and Planetaria
Der Globusfreund - Journal for the Study of Globes and Related Instruments
Robert Ross & Co - Old Maps, Globes, Atlases, Views and Related Books
Richard B Arkway - Dealer in antique globes, etc
Österreichische National Bibliothek.
The Internationel Coronelli Society For The Study Of The Globe.
The Yale University Collection of Lanman Globes.
Murray Hudson - Dealer in globes and planetaria
Antique Clock Database - Clock globes, and more!
Online Register of Scientific Instruments Database
Curious Science - UK Dealer in Scientific Instruments and Curious Items!
Instruments for Science 1800 - 1914. Digital catalouges.
Museum Of Optical Instruments
An inventory of old scientific instruments in French State Schools
The Journal Of American Scientific Instruments
Websters Instruments Makers Database
Scientific Treasures
Il Signo del Tempo - Italian dealer in scientific instruments.
Ars Machina - Dealer in Scientif Instruments
Scientiques - Dealer in antique Scientific Instruments
Antique Scientific Instruments UK
The Scientific Instruments Society
The Pierre Patau optical toys site.
History of the Moving Image from Antiqity to 1900
Introduction To Early Cinema
The Bill Douglas Centre for History of the CInema
Antique Photography - On line auctions.
Museum Boerhaave Exhibition Of Optical Toys
Site devoted to Ballooning and Airships Stereos
Multi Dealer Galleries
World Of Stereoviews
Be-Hold - Dealer in Antique Photographic Images,
Gateway to www sources of stereographica.
Jeffery Kraus Photographic Antiques - Dealer of Stereos, and more!
Photographica - Dealer in Photographica and optical toys.
Daves Stereos - Dealer in stereos.
Jefferson Stereoptics - Dealer in stereoviews!
Antique Photographica - On Line Auctions.
Laurie Slater´s Collection of Medical Antiques
Technische Universitaet Berlin
Deutsches Technikmuseum
Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum
University Of Toronto Museum of Scientific Instruments
Musee des Artes et Metiers. Paris
Ecole Polytechnique. Paris
The Pysics Museum of Naples
The Canada Science and Tecnology Museum
The Science Museum London
Museo della Specola - University of Bologna
University of Urbino - Italy. Scientific Instruments
The Golub Collection of Antique Microscopes-University of California
Scientific Instruments of Medieval and Renaissance Europe
The Boerhaave Museum-Holland
University of Nebraska - Historical Scientific Instrument Gallery
The Stewart Museum in Montreal
Teylers Museum Holland
Institute and Museum Of Science - Florence
Museum of the History of Science-Oxford