Ghosts, spectres, monsters, ghouls, bloody murders, evil spirits, devils small and large, and things that go bump in the night!

We all have an underlying need to be frightened at times! Not in the real way but by means of imagination. And what better way than to let the book to the trick!

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Dictionnaire Infernal, ou Bibliotéque Universelle Magic.
Collin de Plancy. Paris 1825-26

The most sought after edition of this well known magic dictionary.
16 full-page plates.
Dictionnaire Infernal, ou Bibliotéque Universelle Magic.
Collin de Plancy. Paris 1863

The rare illustrated 6th edition.
Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie
Eliphas Levis. Paris 1861
Apparitions, Or The Mystery Of Ghosts... 1815
Hobgoblins and Haunted Houses!
Histoire des M Oufle
Paris 1754
Isis Unveiled, a Master-Key to the Mysteries 1886
A scarce two volume edition of the famous occult work.
Ombres Salantes 1820
Chez Madame V Lepetit Libr.
A System Of Magic Or A History Of The Black Art..1727
By Daniel DeFoe.
The Secrets Of The Invisible World......
London 1735
Historie Curieuse et Pittoresque Des Sorciers. 1846
By M Fornari.
Le Diable Peint ....1825.
Another of C De Plancy's many works on the topic.
An Historical...Treatise Of Spirits, Apparitions....1705.
By John Beaumont.
Satans Invisible World Discovered 1684.
The 1871 reprint.
The Castle Of Otranto 1765
The book that started it all!
The Castle Of Otranto 1796
The Jeffery's illustrated edition.
The Monk. A Romance. MG Lewis. London 1796
The first edition of the most famous Gothic novel ever published.
The Monk. MG Lewis. London 1796
The second edition with altered ending!
German Romance. 1777
A great collection of German Gothic Tales.
Mysteries Of Udolpho, A Romance 1794
By Ann Radcliffe.
The Romance Of The Forest 1794
By Ann Radcliffe.
Tales Of The Genii. 1797
By Charles Morell.
Things As They Are, Or The Adventures Of Caleb Williams 1797
By William Godwin.
Tales Of Wonder 1801
By M. G. Lewis.
A Sicilian Romance 1809
By Ann Radcliffe.
The Italian, A Gothic Romance 1811
By Ann Radcliffe.
St Leon, A Tale Of The Sixteenth Century 1816
By William Godwin.
Popular Tales And Romances Of The Northern Nations 1823
A massive collection of Gothic Tales.
Frankenstein 1818. First ed..
One of the truly great firsts.
Frankenstein 1831.
The first illustrated edition.
Frankenstein, or the Man and the Monster, a Melodrama 1826.
The complete dialouge with stage directions and costumes, the only edition correctly marked, by permission from the Promter´s Book.
The Fate of Frankenstein.
Original poster for a 1827 Theatrical perfomance in London.
Frankenstein on stage 1851
Engraving from a 1851 staging of Frankenstein.
Original make-up Mary Shelleys Frankenstein 1994
The make-up worn by Robert De Niro
Sadducismus Triumphatus, or A Full and Plain Evidence Concerning Witches and Apparitions. In Two Parts. J Glanvil. London 1726
Famous work on witches.
Blockes-Berges Verrichtung...ingleichen von der Hexenfarthund Zaber-Sabbathe M Johanne Praeterius Leipzig 1669.
Massive text on witches and the witch-sabbat.
Salem Witchcraft 1867.
The history of the Salem Trials.
An Historical Essay Concerning Witchcraft 1718.
By Francis Hutchinson.
A Discourse Of The Damned Art Of Witchcraft 1613.
By William Perkins.
More Wonders Of The Invisible World 1700.
The Salem trials and more.
Letters On Demonology and Witchcraft 1830.
By Sir Walters Scott
The Bloody Tribunal...1756
Horrid Cruelties of the Inquisition
The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century 1825.
A fascinating book on astrology. Handcoloured frontisp and title-page, plus several full-page plates and illustrations in text.
Raphael´s Witch, or the Oracle of the Future 1857
Large folding frontisp showing The Mystical Wheel of Pythagoras.
A Manual Of Astrology or The Book Of Stars London 1837.
A charming typical early 19th C popular work on astrology
The Magus or The Celestial Messenger 1801.
Beeing a Complete System Of Occult Philosophy...
The Occult Sciences....
By Ebenezer Sibly London 1790
The History Of The Devil 1814.
DeFoes history of the Devil.
The Devil In Britain And America 1896
He's been around!
Demonology And Devil-Lore 1880
A very comprehensive text on the subject.
The Book of Werewolves 1865.
A very scarce text on the legends of werewolves, the first book on the subject published in English.
Werewolves 1912.
Elliot O´Donnell's book on the topic.
The wild beast of Gévaudan.
A very scarce text on the horrible events that took place in southern France in 1765
Engraving of a Werewolfe
A 1754 engraving of a Werewolve roaming the streets of Paris!
Uber Die Wehrwölfe 1850.
A very scarse treatise on the topic.
Der Werwolf 1862.
A very scarse german book on Werewolfes.
Wagner The Wehr-Wolf. 1857
By G.W.M. Reynolds
Ghost stories Collected From True Life.
Sweden 1799
The Terrific Register, or, Record of Crimes.. 1825.
Over 1600 pages of horror, monsters and murders! Each story with a front engraving. Includes stories such as The Vampire Of London, The Haunted Bedroom, The Price of Blood, etc, etc.
The Casket. 2 vol. London 1828-30.
Vampires, ghosts, and murders!
Skull Bookends
By Herend 1880
A Bust of the Monk Bonnaventura
Dated 1890
A English Fortune Telling Automat
Ca 1900
A Bust of Edgar Allan Poe
Signed and dated 1915
A Bust of a Gypsy Fortune Teller
Ca 1890
Fortune Telling Game
Ca 1890
Bibliotheca Esoterica.
Listing 6707 books in on the Occult!
Paris 1988.
Stanislas De Guaita et sa Bibliotheque Occulte.
Famous library catalouge.
Paris 1899. Reprint.
Bloods - 19th C Working Class Fiction.
Important cataloge of Penny Dreadfuls.
Jarndyce. London 2002.
A Feast Of Blood.
Catalouge of Bloods.
Jarndyce. London 1994.
The Hour of One. Six Gothic Melodramas.
Contains original texts but also some important information on gothic stories on the stage.
Stephen Wischhusen, Gordon Fraser, London 1975.
The Werewolf.
All sorts of aspects on the beastie, with extensive notes on sources.
Montague Summers, Kegan Paul (&c), London 1933.
Bibliotheca Esoterica. Catalogue Annoté et Illustré de 6707 Ouvrages Anciens et Modernes [...] en vente a la Librairie Dorbon-Ainé
Huge catalogue containing endless amounts of bibliographic information on books about all sorts of things occult, secret societies, etc.
[Facsimile print]; C. Coulet & A. Faure, 1988.
The Guide to Supernatural Fiction.
A full description of 1,775 books from 1750 to 1960.
Contains novels and short stories; includes plot summaries, and author, title and motif indexes.
Everett F. Bleiler, Kent State University Press 1983.
Gothic. 400 Years of Excess, Horror, Evil and Ruin.
Massive overview.
Richard Davenport-Hines, Fourth Estate (London) 1998.
Bibliothèque Occulte. Stanislas de Guaita et sa Bibliothèque Occulte.
Full bibliography of the wonderful library of one of the most famous "wizards" of the late nineteenth century.
[Facsimile print] Librairie Dorbon "1899" - in fact, 1980.
The Publication of The Monk. A Literary Event 1796-1798.
Everything you could possibly want to know, and more ...
André Parreaux, Librairée Marcel Didier (Paris) 1960.
St. James Guide to Horror, Ghost & Gothic Writers.
Thorough overview, containing critical essays (some brilliant, some less impressive) on all writers deemed worthy of an entry.
Edited by David Pringle, St. James Press (Detroit, New York, Toronto, London) 1998.
A Gothic Bibliography.
He might have been just slightly wrong on the odd occasion, but of course this book remains the bibliography.
Montague Summers, The Fortune Press (London) n.d. (the first edition was issued in 1940; facsimile editions are not dated)
The Gothic Quest. A History of the Gothic Novel.
Rambling companion volume to the above.
Montague Summers, The Fortune Press (London) n.d. (1938).
The Gothic Novel 1790-1830. Plot Summaries and Index to Motifs
Extremely useful if/when you forget which book is about what.
Ann B. Tracy, The University Press of Kentucky, 1981.
The Gothic Flame.
Classic overview of the history of gothic literature.
Devendra P. Varma, (first published 1957),
The Scarecrow Press (London) 1987.