I've been interested in and collecting Planetaria for about 15 years.
The definition of Planetaria is not crystal clear, some mean planetary models only,
others mean all items related to the demonstration of the celestial world, movable magic lantern slides, transparent star charts or even microphotographs of the planets!

Dont miss the Reference Litterature list at the end of this page!
Ive have been trying to gather everything I could come across about old Planetaria models, pre 1920, and the history of their makers. This is a humble effort to make my finds available to all others interested in the field.

The list and its information is by no means complete, but I hope that in time, and with the help of fellow collectors, it will grow into a useful tool for all of you out there who have an interest in this fascinating field!

All information and pictures used in the list are free for you to use as you please,
but I would be most grateful for a credit when you do so!

All contributions, text and pictures, are most welcome!
You will reach me at Thomas Sandberg
In the Planetaria section listed below you can see some
of my personal collections in the field.
Tellurium By E Schotte. Schottes smallest model?
Tellurium By E Schotte.
Unusal Tellurium By E Schotte.
A ca 1900 Tellurium By Swamström & Rylander.
A 1910 Tellurium By Norstedt.
Chrome and Black!
Tellurium by Felkl. Prauge ca 1870.
Unusal model with small blue carosine lamp instead of plain candle holder.
A 1870 Tellurium By Felkl.
With White Globe Carousine Lamp.
A 1866 Tellurium By Berg.
Early model.
Tellurium by Fr. J. Berg. Stockholm ca 1870.
A Berg tellurium with large globe.
Planetarium By Holbroock Co USA 1850.
Holbrook's School Apparatus Co. Hartford, Connecticut
Planetarium By Ernst Schotte & Co, Berlin 1892.
Decorated ironbase, brass and copper.
A 1896 Planetarium By A Laing.
Complex design.
Relief Globe by Räth 1915
Globe on Atlas base by Heymann
Various globes by the E Schotte firm.
Various globes by the Felkl firm.
Various globes by Ludv J Heymann.
A fancy french made globe.
For the english market.
A Celstial globe by C Adami 1853
Published by the D Reimer Verlag
Shotte´s Universal 40 cm Globus.
On Tripod Stand.
Relief Moon Globe by E Lade 1899
A Large 40 cm Moon Globe 1969
By The USAF Aeronautical Chart & Information Central.
French Clock Globe Statue.
La Terre! Ca 1890.
German Clock Globe by Ludw Jul Heymann. Berlin ca 1905.
Unusal type of clockglobe.
A Lunarium By Schotte
With a lithographed Moonglobe!
Induction Globe by Felkl & Son
American 1875 globe with mechanism!.
Desinged by Ellen Eliza Fitz.
The Empire Clock ca 1905.
Made by Richards Paris
A Cosmographe By Hennard.
Mangs Drehbare Sternkarte. Berlin ca 1900.
A Mechanical Planisphere.
A Movable Planisphere of the Heavens
By Whitall 1871
Planispheres by G Philips. London
Came in various sizes.
A small Planisphere by EA Skinner
Published in 1893
A Transparent Orrery!
Most unusal astronomical curiosa!
Uranias Mirror 1825
32 Hold To Light Cards!
A celestial glass globe
Made in Sweden ca 1880.
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