Berg Trade card ca 1870

Stockholm, Sweden.

Frans Johan Berg 1825 - 1898 had a training in the mechanical skills both in Sweden and Germany in his younger years. In 1850 he started the firm that was to become one of the more important ones in its field.

Frans Johan Berg

From the start the firm had a wast range of products, geological instruments, electrical apparatus, astronomical, etc.

Instructions for Tellurium 1865

Their Tellurium was well known and was praised in several European Astronomical Journals for its high mechanical standard. The firm fitted the Tellurium with globes from various globe makers; Selander, A Klinger, to mention a few.

They exhibited and recieved medals at several World Exhibitions; Stockholm 1866, Copenhagen 1872 and Paris 1900.

The Office in the 1870s

From the 1880s onwards they where focusing on their line of geological instruments and supplied instruments to, among others, the famous explorer Sven Hedin and The Royal Swedish Accademey Of Science.

The workshop ca 1870

The firm continued under the same name - F.R Berg - all the way up to July 2001!

The last Tellurium to leave the Berg workshop!
This one has been in the shop since the 1870s and was keept as a reference model when new orders was made!