Prague, Roztok and Vienna

Jan Johan Felkl 1817 - 1887 became one of the major globe producers in Europe. Firm started in 1849-50 and within a short time had a large assortment of globes and planetaria. The firm produced terrestial and celestial globes in over 17 languages. They exported throughout Europe and to the United States. Their line of planetaria included Telluriums, Lunariums, Planetariums.

The firm exhibited at several International Exhibitons including Paris 1866 and Vienna 1873.

The annual production of 800 globes in 1855 rose to over
15 000 in 1873 which to a large extent was a result of new reproduction techniques such as lithography.

A Felkl Combination - Terrestial & Celestial Globe ca 1890. Outer Terrestial globe diameter 32 cm.

In 1870 Felkl moved his factory from Prague to Roztok and from now on his son Christoph was a partner of the firm - Felkl&Son. After Jan Felkl´s death in 1887 his sons continued the buissnes. The firm ended its buissnes in the 1950s.

A Felkl Tellurium with carousine lamp.