Illustration from Astronomie Popularie 1892

Paris. France

Camille Flammarion 1842 - 1925 was a French astronomer who published a lot of popular astronomical books in the end of the 19th Century.
His works on mars and ballooning are well known among collectors.

His monumental work on the planet mars -La Planete Mars et ses Conditions D´habitabilite´. 2 volumes.4:o. 1892 - 1909- is one of the landmarks of astronomical litterature!

Flammarion also headed the publishing of several globes that is of great interest for all planetaria collectors.

His first Mars globe, a 5-inch, - in coll with E Antoniadie was published in 1884, the second one, revised version and 6-inch, was published in 1898. In 1895 he and C. M Caudibert published a 6-inch moon globe. All published by the Paris firm of E. Bertaux.

Mars and Moon globe by Flammarion

Its interesting to note that some of his books - Astronomie Popularie -for instance, was priced allmost twice the prize of the Mars and Moon globes back in 1898!

Mars globe 1898

Moon globe 1895