Berlin. Germany

Ernst Schotte & Co was an important globe and planetaria maker firm established in Berlin 1855.

By the 1870s the E Schotte & Co Geographisch: Artist Anstalt was producing a range of globes in over 15 languages. On the market today you can find planetaria from other manufactors with Schotte globes in place.

Schotte at the Paris Exhibition of 1867

They also had an extensive line of celestial globes, lunaria and planetaria and they exported all over Europe.

The Scottes line of globes and planetaria all have a very artistic design and decorative look to them.

Clockwork driven Planetarium ca 1870

They produced Telluriums in at least 4 different sizes with globes from 7 - 12 cm. Their most expensive models had a clock-work mechanism in place. They produced several different planetariums, one with clockwork drive, lunar-globes, etc. The firm continued their production into the early 20th Century

A Schotte 1880 Lunarium and a ca 1870 Schotte Planetarium