Strängnäs. Sweden

Little is known of Dr K. H. Sohlberg other than that he was involved in the production of at least 2 different astronomical models.

Both of them made on commission from the Swedish Ministry of Education during the last part of the 19th Century.

The model shown below is the Himmelsglob Af Glas med Vätskehorisont, made by the Stockholm based instrumentmaker G. H Lyth in 1888.
This model won a goldmedal in St Louis 1905!

A 25 cm diameter engraved glass globe filled with red or blue liquid. On it, the stars are painted in gold.
Total hight of instrument is 60 cm.

The Sohlberg Celestial Glass Globe 1888.

Swedish instructions for the Solhberg
Celestial Glas Globe 1888

Sohlberg also invented a more complex variant of his Himmelsglob.

It was made by the firm Öller&C.ni in Stockholm in 1880.

The Solhberg Celestial Glas Globe
by Öller&Co. Total height 57 cm.

Instruction booklet for the Solhberg
Celestial Glas Globe 1880.