Rumours and stories of Vampires have fascinated, and in the early
days, truly horrified people all over the world.

It all started long before Stoker's famous novel!
In the early 18th Century the very first reports of the living dead spread
all over Europe.

It is an interesting field of literature thats lets you study the beliefs and superstitions of older times.
Don't forget to bring your stake!

Dont miss the Reference Litterature list at the end of this page!
Article in The Craftsman Magazine.
Vampires in the Hungarian village of Medreyga. London.1732

One of the very first english journal reports about Vampires.
Vernünftige und christliche Gedancken über die Vampirs.
J.CH. Harenberg.1733.
A rare work on vampires.
Tractat von dem Kayen und Schmatzen der Todten in Gräbern...Hungarischen Vampyrs Und Blut-Zauger.
Michael Ranft. Leipzig 1734. A scarse german tractat on vampires.
Dissertations Upon The Apparitions of Angels, Daeamons and Ghosts, and Concerning The Vampires of Hungary, Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia by Dom Augustin Calmet. London 1759.
First publication in english of this very important work on Vampires.
Historie des Vampires, et des Spectres Malfaisans...
Collin de Plancy. Paris 1820. A scarce history of Vampires done by the famous and very productive Collin de Plancy.
La Guzla..... 1827
Important collection of Poetry, Folklore and Vampyrism
in Eastern Europe.
The Land Beyond The Forest
E. Gerard 1888.
Used by B stoker in his research for Dracula!
The Vampire by Olcott. 1920
A scarse little phamplet on Vampires with Blawatsky connections!
Vampires And Vampirism 1924
A classic text on Vampires.
The Vampire, A Tale. London 1819
The first edition of the first ever written Vampire novel. The anonymos author was J Polidori, physcisian to Lord Byron and together with Byron and Mary Shelley ( Author of Frankenstein), he was present that famous night at Lake Geneva when Frankenstein was conceived by Shelley. Se next entry.
Lord Ruthwen, ou les Vampires. 1820
A French work inspired by the Polidoris The Vampire.
La vampire ou la vierge de Hongrie 1825
A 3 volume Vampire novel by Étienne-Léon de Lamothe-Langon
The Vampires Of London
A horrid tale!. London 1829
Der Vampyr!
Now performing at the English Opera House. London 1829
Varney The Vampire., or The Feast Of Blood. London 1847
Famous serialisation of Vampire story. Presumably written by either John Rymer or Thomas Pesket Prest
Dracula By Bram Stoker. 1897
The first edition of one of the most famous novels ever written.
Le Vampire. 1820
The first Vampire play ever.
Written by Charles Nodier!
The Vampire, or The Bride of the Isles
Original Theatre programme 1820.
The Vampire, or The Bride of the Isles
Original Theatre poster London 1821.
The Vampire Bride. London 1825
Early staging of a Vampire Play.
Portrait Of Vlad Tepes
Map of Transylvania
Wallachian Silver Ducat 15TH C
Coin of Dracula!
A Bust of Lord Byron
A French bisque bust dated 1853
Letter by Lord Byron. Venice April 1819
The original letter in wich Byron, for the first time, disclaims the authorship of Polidori`s The Vampire. Several European literary magazines declared that the new novel was written by Byron.
A Vampire Hunter Kit. London ca 1850
Most unusal type of Victorian Vampire Ephemera
Only a few remaining in Museum collections.
The Vampire in Europe.
A history of vampires and similar beings,
with extensive notes.
Montague Summers, Kegan Paul (&c), London 1933.
The Vampire. His Kith and Kin.
In parts similar to but not at all the same as the above;
the serious student of vampire lore needs both!
Montague Summers, University Books, New York 1960 (first published in 1928 by Kegan Paul &c in London).
A history of vampires and similar beings, with extensive notes on sources.
Montague Summers, University Books, New York, n.d. (this work was first published in 1929 by Kegan Paul &c in London).
Our Vampires, Ourselves. Absolutely brilliant study, overview and meditation on vampires in myth, psychology, literature and media.
Nina Auerbach, The University of Chicago Press (Chicago and London) 1995.
The Guide to Supernatural Fiction.
A full description of 1,775 books from 1750 to 1960.
Contains novels and short stories; includes plot summaries,
and author, title and motif indexes.
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The Vampire in Literature. A critical bibliography.
Exactly what the subtitle says it is.
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The Encyclopedia of Fantasy.
Not just middle-of-the-road fantasy literature - contains large amounts of info about dark fantasy/horror as well.
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Carefully researched, and contains not just firsts but also
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Unassuming but wonderful book; contains a succinct history of vampire literature and a fine selection of stories and excerpts from longer works.
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Thorough overview, containing critical essays (some brilliant, some less impressive) on all writers deemed worthy of an entry.
Edited by David Pringle, St. James Press (Detroit, New York, Toronto, London) 1998.