Under this section are listed various items
that dont fall under the other categories.

Here you find mechanical toys, medical related items,
automata and more!

Most of these items are up for trade should you have anything nice pre 1900, Planetariums, Telluriums, Marsglobes, Moonglobes, etc within my main collecting category of Planetaria up for trade!

More items will be posted in the near future!

Trade Suggestions
Fantastic 1950´s Coin Operated Stereoscope - Beauties Peep- Show!
Mechanical Lion By Roullet & Decamps 1890
French Game Compendium 1900
1798 Medicine Chest
French 19th C Umbrella Girl Automaton Musical Box
German Mechanical Peacock wit Real Feathers
French Alfa Romeo P2 Racing Car 1925
Mechanical WW1 Tank. US
German Cast Iron 3 Horses Fire Wagon
German Musical Violinist Automaton
French Musical Flower Girl Automaton.